Mario Canal: Pepo Salazar at the Passage Souterrain_Guerrilla Gallery

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,

It’s been a long time since I didn’t post anything on the Passage Souterrain, the Guerrilla Gallery I run in Paris, in an underground pedestrian passageway right behind the Palais de Tokyo.
Actually, I didn’t show you the intervention by spanish artist Pepo Salazar I did a few weeks ago. The fact is that the Passage’s web page was not updated so I waited untill my digital angel Josechu Davila head of The Art Palace posted all of the shows that I’ve done there.
Now you can check all of them. Click Passage Souterrain.
Anyway let me show you some of Pepo Salazar’s -working with superb Amsterdam’s Upstream Gallery– images.
Entrance to the Passage. To find it, go behind the Palais de Tokyo on the Seine side, under the Av. de New York at the corner of rue de la Manutention.
For the Passage, Pepo did a Poster playing with the idea of how the publicity on the street has lost all the capacity to express. It’s an endless bla-bla-bla with no power to convince us.
So, we fixed the posters to the wall -not glued- so that anyone that walked past them could take them. Some of the pieces were attached in a row by tape, so that when people tried to take them the result was this.
And After.
I love the result, its as if by night the posters and the Passage had an incredible sexual intercourse…
On the one side you could see the meaningless words.
On the other side, Pepo made a collage with images of a punk singer and punk girls having sex -well, masturbating.
I love both sides. I am really thankfull to Pepo for participating and doing this superb piece exclusively for the Passage…
And that’s more or less what I wanted to tell you about Pepo Salazar’s show.
Tomorrow, spanish artist Rub

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