Pepo Salazar at the Passage Souterrain

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,
I normally don’t do this, I mean, explicit propaganda -in advance- of the activities I held at the Passage Souterrain_Guerrilla Gallery.
But this time I am going to advance the intervention of spaniard artist and friend Pepo Salazar.
Pepo is an excellent creator working with one of my favorite galleries, the Upstream Gallery in Amsterdam.

The piece I will show has no title, and it’s a specific artwork made for the Passage Souterrain.
Thanks again for this beautiful exhibition, Pepo.

Pepo Salazar is now living in NYC so unfortunately he won’t be here to cut the ribbon. But may be you can pass by if you are in Paris. Just lock your agenda and come this evening from 19 to 21h. That’s opening time in my homeland -Spain-. Friends will come.

This is the Passage Souterrain’s entrance. Do you see the wall behind the light signal? That’s the Palais de Tokyo‘s backside. The Passage Souterrain is behind the art center’s building, under the Av. de New York, with the corner of rue de la Manutention.
Metro Iena/Alma.
Bus 72.


Mario Canal

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