Five of my wonderful ASVONF contributors in the same city at the same time

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Because you would probably like to put a face to the names that you read on my site. I would love to have all of my contributors in the same city at the same time so that we could do a group shot. Maybe Beniamino could fake it with an illustration???


Mario Canal from Madrid, Julien Bertic from Kuwait and Angelo Flaccavento from Sicily

Robb Young from London

Martin Webb from Tokyo

Got to run to the Jeremy Scott show.

And because I can never get enough of my contributors, you get to see them again.

Martin Webb and Robb Young at the Jeremy Scott show

Julien Bertic and Angelo Flaccavento on the Jalouse bus which we love…they took good care of us, served us juice, sweets…


Diane Pernet

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