My Visit to SAMSUNG D’LIGHT in Seoul

Dear Shaded Viewers, 

Imagine how touched I was to enter the SAMSUNG D'Light building in Seoul this afternoon and have a wall of my own image greeting me. 

And a warm welcome written on the floor. I have to say I was nearly speechless. The portraits were taken by Miguel Villalobos. Getting beyond my own images, I was given a tour of the new products. I don't usually talk about refrigerators, but this one really impressed me.


It was designed by an Italian accessory designer and well, you can see for yourself, it's pretty amazing.

Internet TV and your computer on a huge projection screen.

I saw the 3D screens and learned something new, they can make any film into 3D. All this time I thought that was a special system that was used when making the actual films. 

Eco Friendly hard drives

the new lighter weight NX10 with changable lens SAM_2340
solar rechargable phones

There are so many new products since my last visit to D'LIGHT in October that I cannot list them all. 'Portable Native' is a work in progress, you speak in one language and it comes out what ever language you would like it translated into…cannot wait for that one.    


After a great tour of all the new products I was interviewed by the bloggers and even received this colorful illustration of me in springtime. 


illustration by Seola Park
Welcoming committee
The SAMSUNG team and bloggers

And if you had not seen enough of me….an image taken today went up on the wall.

Mi-hyun Yang outside of D'Light


Diane    .


Diane Pernet

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