Milan diary

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Beniamino Marini and Nina Lumer of Galleria Nina Lumer

I was in MIlan for the press conference at White and the IQONS party.

the before and during shot

Andreina Longhi, Attila & Co, Alberto Bartoli, IMG and Colin McDowell – Colin, Rafael and Marios Schwab

Colin McDowell with Alberto Bartoli from IMG

My Milan trip was a bit on the spontaneous side which is never a good idea for fashion week. Beniamino Marini came to my rescue. His cousin, Nina Lumer of Galleria Nina Lumer keeps an apartment for her visiting artists, it was available for the dates that I needed it and so I moved in. Beniamino met me at the Galleria before going back to work. Later I went to have dinner with the team from IQONS except it took so long for the food to come that I ended up not eating at all and instead went off to the Trussardi party with Beniamino. His friend, Joan as PoliceWoman was giving a concert at 23h30 and it was 23h and still my dinner was not in front of me. Skin was sitting at one of the other tables. I read today that it was for the Gianfranco Ferre show.
Joan as Policewoman playing for the Trussardi party . Joan at another concert illustrated by Beniamino

Luca Lanzoni from Italian Elle

Massimiliano Bizzi is 2nd on the left and the founder of WHITE, co-founder of IQONS, Rafael is next to Andreina Longhi, the founder of Attila & Co. Andreina is considered to be the best PR in Milan.

Jens Laugesen

In the morning I went off to visit WHITE. Among other things, White offered three London designers 12 hours (one day each) to introduce themselves to buyers and press. Before even getting our badges, we visited Jens Laugesen in his huge space for a day.


Jens is standing next to his favorite piece, I was drawn to this shirt.

I ran into Angelo Figus who was showing at Artpoint with his shoe collection.

Angelo’s shoes and …his long hair

Barbara Grispini from LFW organized a group of London designers that showed in the Basement. Mei Hui Liu, Victim is standing next to one of her creations, Barbara Grispini is standing next to another.


Mootich with her shoes in the stand. Mootich makes shoes that are comfortable… At this point I am fed up with shoes that look great but are a total s/m experience. I salute women shoe designers because they really know what it is like to be tortured and make comfort their mission.

Sandra Backlund at the IQONS.COM stand

I was really happy to run into Angelo Flaccavento at WHITE, Unfortunately that was the only time I saw him on this trip. I’m not complaining, he was reporting on all the shows for Shaded Viewers. Bravo to Angelo and his success with lifeblogging.

Angelo Flaccavento and Rafael and Suran Goonatilake, the co-founders of IQONS

Franca Sozzani and Rafael co-founder of IQONS and Massimiliano Bizzi with Barbara LFW

Max Locatelli

That night Beniamino and Max made a dinner in my honor. Before dinner a few of us went up onto the terrace. Climbing up the steps I was glad that I had not worn my favorite Azzedine shoes. Max designed the apartment. he also worked on the design of the upside down Victor & Rolf shop. Walking around the apartment with it’s glass structure, sliding doors and hidden rooms, I had the feeling that I was in one of Alfred Hitchock’s films the Rope perhaps or a little Rear Window with the telescope.

Massimo Torrigiani, Editor in Chief of Rodeo Magazine and Beniamino

Next day I decided to visit Spazio Rossana Orlandi to see the Bless Showroom
By now you must know how much I love the Bless cable dressing

I think that is what I needed when I was in NYC earlier this month

I called the office of Franca Soncini and her two angels came over to see me. Another angel also arrived.
Franca Soncini’s angels and Beniamino

Then we were off to visit Massimo Torrigiani at Rodeo Magazine

Massimo Torrigiani, Editor in Chief of Rodeo Magazine

Next stop was to solve a personal problem….how to pass through the security check without sounding the alarm. When I was in Stockholm last week for +46 I was talking with Daniel A. Beckerman, publisher of PIG magazine about my security check problem and he told me that if I came to Milan he knew a hairdresser that he was sure could solve my problem. Mauro of Les Garcons de la Rue. Beniamino came with me.

Beniamino was thinking about getting his hair cut, Mauro was telling me what he could propose

This morning when I was pinning my hair up thinking about the security check, I used the plastic pins that Mauro gave me and you know what? It worked. I passed through the metal detector and there was no sound. It was amazing. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Thank you Daniel and thank you Mauro.

Mauro and the magic pins

More later,


Diane Pernet

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