More from London Fashion Week – photos by Patrick Tubridy

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you probably know, mercury the planet of communication and all things computer related, is in retrograde and I have yet to receive Dan Lismore’s images even though I heard how he went all the way to Hackney and delivered the cd’s. Thank you Dan for all of your efforts, looking forward to your party pics and images from the IQONS press conference. I was in Stockholm for that.

Basso & Brooke , don’t you love the woman with the white scarf and glasses?

Basso & Brooke

J P Braganza

All photos by Patrick Tubridy



Angelo is now in Milan and ready to report back from his mobile phone, thanks to Anina for setting him up. Visit her site for pics of Eley Kishimoto and more. I am waiting for Mark to send me some images from his show, sorry to have missed it. But hey, I was in Stockholm for +46 and You Wear it Well. Cannot be everywhere at once, much as I’d love to be. Reminds me of the video portrait that we did of Eley Kishimoto for Gwand when Wakako and Mark said in an ideal world they would like to be existing in duplicate.

Diane Pernet

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