Christian Astuguevieille

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Recently I went to visit the furniture designer and Comme des Garcons perfume consultant, CHristian Astuguevieille.


It was very dark in the spaceous apartment, I could have asked for the lights to be turned up but it seemed more suitable to Christian’s work to leave it as it was.


THe animal above was a project that Christian did for the Dover Street Market, stuffed animals for adults. I was laughing through Christian’s stories about purchasing as many stuffed animals as he could find and then cutting them all apart and making new little monsters. Well, he did not call them that.

I like these hairy chairs.
Christian is very concerned about our planet so everything is natural and ecological here.


I’ll have more to tell you in an article that I’m writing about Christian for ZOO magazine.



Diane Pernet

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