At home with JCdC

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I spent a lovely afternoon at the home of JC de Castelbajac aka JCdC,’s new IQON. We were surrounded by his wonderful art collection. THree days ago the huge tableaux behind him, The Whimper, by Jake and Dinos Chapman, arrived. It was too large to fit through the door so it had to come in through the window. As soon as JCdC saw it in the Christies catalogue he knew he had to have it. It was the first painting that they did and was a reference to the stolen “The Scream” (or the cry) by Edvard Munch.


We talked about designing an haute couture dress for the pope and luxury Pret a Porter for the bishops. It was interesting to hear that he got his inspiration from the rainbow. When he presented the idea he informed the Church that the rainbow was also the symbol of the Gay community. THe answer, “There is no copyright on the rainbow.” After the collection was finished the Pope told JCdC that he had used color “as a cement of faith.” JCdC said after that he could never look at color again in the same way.


We talked about his exposition in April and his cabinet de curoisity. I’m not sure of the title but i think that it is Galirock- an Explosition. He also recently wrote a book which is going to be turned into a film.


We talked about Marchpole the UK company that bought his brand and how he chose to do this now because he thinks it is the time and industry has always fascinated him. I asked him how he first found out that he had been given the name of JCdC. We spoke about his icons and how as a child he was already collecting and creating his own atmosphere. He spoke about not always being understood and the period of deep reflection in the 90’s when fashion was going a different way than he was. That was the period where he was teaching in Vienna and had as students Wendy and Jim.

THe not smiling face is by artist/designer/dj Olivier Bobin aka Fade

He was wearing black and I asked him what his thoughts were on that color. He said that for the past 5 years he has been wearing black because he feels that that is the color that expresses what he feels now and how to be an arbiter it helps to dress in black. It’s actually a sentiment that I share. I love colors but I personally need to be in black. It’s a separation from …colors.

The apartment used to belong to Yohji when he stayed in Paris. Now, JCdC is looking for another place. He needs more space for himself and his fiance, she needs a space to reherse in as well and the artwork is needing more space too. JCdC said that he does not invite the press into his apartment so this was an exception for and we thank him for that.


The interview and the video will be posted on in the next few days.



Diane Pernet

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