Fafi Makes A Special Appearance at colette

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The French underground artist Fafi will make a special appearance today at Colette to launch her Fafi for LeSportsac collection at Colette.

Fafi began her career as a graffiti artist and later evolved, developing clothing, jewelry, books and more, all embodying her signature aesthetic and stylish designs. She became a household name among the fashion elite soon after she began selling her illustrated designs at colette. Her playful designs exemplify young femininity while attracting a sophisticated and trendy audience.

Three beautiful Australians in Paris, Michelle Jank designs accessories, ie the flower necklace that she is wearing, I wonder if she makes it in black… and he’s a photographer and everyone knows Linlee from Colette is from Australia. The beautiful couple is new in town.

Brendt Barbur, Founding Director of Bicycle Film Festival, Jonas Mekas is the Godfather of the festival and Brendt was in Paris to discuss his festival party at Colette to celebrate le Tour du France next year.


People have been telling me all month that I had a little photo in Nov. Italian Vogue so after Colette, I walked over to W H Smith. What I really love, aside from Ali Mahdavi looking more elegant than words is the fact that there is also an image of Frank Gehry on the same page. I must admit that I am still pretty much in awe that You Wear it Well screened at the Guggenheim Bilbao, the amazing museum designed by Mr. Gehry.

Tatu with Yon, the organizer of MID_E

P.S. Tatu just sent me the link to KCTV where you will find more images from the MID-E Festival, San Sebastian. He DJ’d starting at 2h, I unfortunately was not there but I’m loving his cd.

Later, Diane

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