Currency 3 + Frank Bruggeman at OWN, Brussels

Dear Shaded Viewers,


When I was at the Light book fair the other week to visit my friends from USELESS I met Sico Carlier of the international magazine CURRENCY. When he was visiting his hometown, Brussels he asked the floral aritist, Frank Bruggeman, to make an installation in the OWN store. Frank is most renowned in terms of fashion for the flowers he is always doing forV&R, but he also did a piece for Bernhard W. once, and a dancefloor bouquet for the Butt-crew.
Here you can see a beautiful piece he made in that spacious store in downtown Bruxelles, OWN, it will stay up (and fall apart) and all the orchids will start to flower in the coming month.

Frank designed a special installation for “Blue/Mixed Nature” for OWN shop that included a copy of the magazine.



all photographs are by Christophe Chemin



Diane Pernet

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