Julien Bertic reports in from Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Dear Diane, dear Shaded viewers,


My second day in KL started with a quick breakfast with Bernard Chandran one of the most established designers of Malaysia. Despite beeing the couturier of the Princess of the Sultanat of Brunei and having received the title of Dato from the King of Malaysia, Bernard remains very simple and funny about the fashion industry, especially since he started to show in London.
He first brought me to his boutique located in the luxurious area of KL. Not far from there, we went to one of his atelier for him to overlook the last embroideries on the dresses created for the islamic fashion show. Then he showed me this huge space where is he will soon exhibits his work. The set up is quite surprising, as we have the feeling to be in a old manufacture of east Berlin. Bernard shows part of his dresses wrapped around the wall with plastic.
We then had lunch in a good chinese restaurant located in the Mandarin Hotel overlooking the tropical central park of the city.
Right after, I could not stop thinking about going to the famous Petaling street where all the luxury goods copies are sold. Shocking once again to see that the latest desigers bag are available, such as the pleated shopping bag of Prada. It was so well done, that I could not resist asking where it was made, and oh surprise, Korea was the answer 8 times out fo 10… Fake goods market is moving very fast, but we knew that already…


Diane Pernet

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