Mario Canal: PSJM strikes the Passage Souterrain.

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,
Profiting from the fact that Pablo and Cynthia, the two members of art collective PSJM –, were in Paris, we’ve did an intervention at the Passage Souterrain_Guerrilla Gallery. It was as easy as that.
They brought their latest work, a mural showing a demostration of consumers.


Actually, all their work is about logos, brands and democratization of art. No more no less. And well, I have to say I’ve always been a big fan of theirs and it is funny how life goes but now I am their gallerist -well, somehow-.

Pablo posted the mural in the underpass pedestrian way that I use as an art gallery – You can visit it at the corner of Rue de la Manutention and Av. de New York, just behind Palais de Tokyo.




Pablo and Cynthia…


Cynthia and me…


Pablo and me…

Well, next artist should be Zevs, I will tell you about his intervention.


Mario Canal

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