Toraya for lunch and two women from Kyoto

Fri 03/11/2006 14:02 DianePERNET(3245)
Fri 03/11/2006 14:02 DianePERNET(3245)

As you noticed, I had lunch today with Shoji at one of my favorite tea salons, Toraya. Before we left Toraya I asked one of the women sitting next to us if she’d mind me taking her photo. She did not mind at all, in fact the two women said that they had wanted to sit next to us. We had a nice little chat. I even saw a beautiful necklace that one of the women had bought this morning at Van Cleef and Arpel. The plan now is that Shoji and I will visit them for tea at the Ritz on Saturday. I’m looking forward to making a very short little document of our visit , perhaps for the next edition of You Wear it Well.

By the way if you are living anywhere near San Sebastian or Bilbao, please come to our film festival both at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao and then at MID_E festival in San Sebastian. We will be in Bilbao from the 27 – 30th November and in San Sebastian there are two screenings, one on December lst and the other December 2nd. I’m looking forward to seeing my collaborator, Dino Dinco there.



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