Day 3 Athens Fashion Week

Dear Shaded Viewers,
I was quietly having my breakfast when an old man with a cane approached my table and wanted to know why I was dressed the way that I was. He thought that it was from a religious order.
Jean Jacques Picard visits the Athens Collections and showroom business

Our day started with the showroom visits. Many of the designers were not at their stands when we arrived.
I visited Erifilli and she walked me through some of her favorite pieces and showed me her coral platform shoes.

I was very happy with my table at lunch as Jean Jacques Picard was totally entertaining and had all of us in stitches. I especially liked the story about Courreges. Bernhard Arnaud had thought that maybe it would be a good house to purchase so asked Jean Jacques to make an appointment with the wife of Courreges. I’d already heard plenty of stories about her from other people. Anyway she had no desire to sell the house but was happy to receive him and told JJ that everytime there is a show of ‘merde’ he is always there. When asked what shows she was referring to she said Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix…with contempt and a large dose of jealousy. Dangerously the discussion turned towards the secret to my hair. I, of course, would reveal nothing other than to say, yes, I don’t sleep with it up.
I decided to visit Maria Mastori and Filep Motwary before Maria’s collection of jewellery and Filep’s collection of ready to wear. They work together and Maria’s son, Costas Argiriou makes her music.
Filep Motwary and Maria Mastori try on the head cushions on the first model

Above is backstage for Maria Mastori and below is backstage for Syraka-Dassios
The two accessory collections share the same time slot and back stage. Dassios passes first with a small break and then Maria and Filep present.
Before I left the backstage Costas Argiriou arrived. He does the music for Maria who happens to be his mother and I might add that he also composed incredible music for my documentary on the making of 2006 festival d’Hyeres.
When I entered the show space I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Kiss and baby Kiss who at 4 months was attending her first fashion show and Master of the lights Thierry Dreyfus looking very 007.

Syraka-Dassios above Maria Mastori accessories and Filep Motwary clothing below
I ran into Maria and Filep as I was going back to the hotel to report on them and congratulated them for their original presentation that was a perfect platform for their creation.
Now I am running back to the Hellenic Fashion Week for Elefteriades show. Here is a photo that I took of him earlier in the day.

Nic and Nathalie
I saw the work of Angelo Bratis when I attneded Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Loukia has been an haute couture line for decades and only recently has she introduced a line of ready to wear. Still there are many hand sewn details in the r-t-w.

In true Greek fashion the shows start late and end late and by the time we are ready to go out to dinner it is midnight. I guess that I sound pretty boring but the thought of starting dinner at midnight and getting back to the hotel at 2h and then having 3 hours in front of my computer to write to you is more than I wish to endure so I opt for room service, a Greek salade and a bubble bath and then I write to you.
Thierry Dreyfus and Jean Jacques Picard.

Tomorrow is the last day of Athens Fashion Week. More later,


Diane Pernet

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