Sorry for dropping out on you all. I’ve been swamped with making sure the tranny hookers are supplied with condoms and frootie-tootie cocktails at “the Zoo…..”

I shot this image a while back using clothes from a collection by Jeremy Scott that I particularly identified with. When I first saw the collection, I immediately felt like a lot of the clothes were clothes I’ve been wearing for years.

Maybe you’ve seen the image, maybe not. Here it is:


Through the far reaching tentacles of MySpace, I crossed paths with “Mr. Sleepwalker,” a public school teacher in San Antonio, Texas, whose blog posts (and other writings) I became immeditately drawn to. I found his arrangement and choice of words to be particularly beautiful, forming stylized texts that are lush and codified without being flowery, and delivering a highly personal voice that offers a universal subtext. Mr. Sleepwalker revealed to me that he kept coming back to my MySpace page, periodically to view the image I had made of one young guy embracing another in an otherwise empty parking structure. In so many words, he told me that the image sparked a great deal of curiosity inside him (the how / what / why regarding the union of these young men in this particular place). Unsure whether I had actually taken the photograph or not, he also revealed to me that it illustrated some loose ends he had pertaining to his own “first love.”

In a very short time, Mr. Sleepwalker and I have embarked on an absolutely enjoyable and stimulating line of communication. As it turns out, we share a few mutual acquaintances (real live ones, at that, as opposed to purely virtual ones), as well as encounters with some of the same people no longer around us. Sometimes, I question whether to cross that line of living “publicly” versus living “privately” (as at times, crossing the line can come around and bite you in the ass), but he shared with me a poem he wrote, inspired by my image that I felt should be shared.

Enjoy it…and to Mr. Sleepwalker: an heartfelt thank you. I look forward to more.


2 Vatos in a Vacant Parking Structure
for Dino Dinco

Belligerence and lions amok, where to tread?
This fabric of mortar and motives,
Where to head?
Impenetrability! Lineless slab, wishful as
Flanks and fluency. Los dos, guey