Cartoon couture by Carri Mundane – Cassette Playa

Dear Shaded Viewers,

One of the hits of MAN, the menswear group show, a partnership between TOPMAN and FASHION EAST was Carri Mundane’s cartoon couture and subverted sport n streetwear for club kids, playas, ravers, sluts and geeks – Cassette Playa.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a guest on the Cassette Playa runway. Sega’s video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog wears Carri Mundane’s bleeding eyeball print tee and pendant.

and a quote from a friend:
“Cassette Playa has a great approach to colour which I really respect and Carri’s clothes really form and reflect that air of excitement flooding through London’s young creative scene” Nicola Formichetti, Executive Menswear Editor, DAZED & CONFUSED/ANOTHER MAN



Diane Pernet

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