Pablo Internacional Magazine goes Tropical at Palais du Tokyo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just came back from the launch of issue 2 of pablo internacional magazine It lived up to the invite which read: ‘expect a sweaty tropical sexually charged macho night, almost like being inside the pages of the magazine. Before the performance of Assume Vivid Astro focus and tetine, lick my favelass! their was a film projection. You Wear it Well would be perfect there. I am just thinking out loud.
Rita Mitsuko styled by Francois Salem and an old favorite, Klaus Nomi, I might add a sad note here that he was the first person that I knew that died of aids.


The eiffel tower was twinkling when I walked home and I am happy to say that at this moment it is raining and I am praying that it will cool things off a bit.

Later, Diane

P.S. Visit today for a nice piece on Glory Hole, Dino was a part of that and also you see the cover image of Pablo’s International Magazine.

Diane Pernet

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