The You Wear it Well jury meets tonight and I will be able to participate through ichat av

Fri 21/07/2006 21:03 DianePERNET(3111)
Fri 21/07/2006 21:03 DianePERNET(3111)

Dino is in LA with the jury at 18h30 tonight for the selection of the films for our You Wear it Well festival. Do the calculation, in order for me to take part in the process I will have to be awake and alert at 3h30 am. No sleep tonight but so looking forward to the screening of these films.

Later, Diane

P.S. I met with Shoji for lunch today and afterwards we went to visit the new Quai Branley museum.

What a huge disappointment that was. It’s like the structure takes on more importance than the art and it feels like one big mess like anything goes and who cares. You walk for ages before you even see any art and when you do you feel like you’ve seen it all a hundred times before. There is no point of view and it has no soul.
I liked the swamp outside of the museum.

I don’t know which was more disappointing, the Balenciaga exhibit at the Musee d’Arts Deco or this. Nicolas’s collection looked fine but the curators made Balenciaga look like a designer for fat old women and we all know what a master he was. He’s better represented in the Palais Royal at the moment in the windows of Galerie Joyce and Didier Ludot.

photo by Miguel Villalobos

I just received this beautiful image by Miguel today. I’m loving it.

P.S.S. Olivia Bransbourg has launched her new luxury accessory magazine, Iconofly. Along with the contemporary articles you can read about the history by horse, foot and car. The first issue is dedicated to the travel bag.Jerome Dreyfuss takes you through the process – from the creation to the final product. Along with the fashion and history lessons you will find a recipe for eggs with truffles, a bit of music and a cartoon.


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