A day in the life of Dino Dinco and a few more friends along the way + Pablo Leon de la Barra’s Glory Hole exhibition in London

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After the heat fest at Gaspard, Shoji and the girls from the Danish magazine and I went into the first cafe we could find to try and refresh ourselves from the inferno experience. The plan was for Dino and Pierre Marie and I to meet to discuss the flyers and posters for the You Wear it Well festival, Dino arrived, ordered a cafe and got something that turned his stomach, sour milk. Along with the heavy scent of paint and the unbearable heat, this was not a perfect choice. So we moved on and ended our evening at Le Martel before heading off to Bernhard Willhelm’s after party. Here are a few tracks from that part of the day.

For those of you living in London, Glory Hole an exhibition by Pablo Internacional Magazine


Glory Hole
A group exhibition, curated by Pablo Internacional Magazine, focusing on the modification of homo-sexual practices in cities in the age of gay marriage, gaydar and invigilated public space. Glory Hole Includes work by avaf, Guilherme Altmayer, Fernando Arias, Elmgreen & Dragset, Dino Dinco, Gil Doron, No Bra, Giles Round, Reclaim the Square, Dean Sameshima, Straight To Hell, and Donald Urquhart. with texts by Mark Turner and Jeffrey Walkowiak

Opening Friday July 7, 6-8.30 PM
Performance by No Bra, 7:00 PM
The Yard Gallery, Architecture Foundation, 49 Old Street, London EC1
RSVP for guest list

Exhibition runs from July 7 to 22
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 12 to 6

Cruising Tour of Hampstead Heath by Guilherme Altmayer and Mauricio Galindo on Wednesday July 12, 6:30 PM,
weather permitting, meeting place outside Jack Straws Castle Pub, bring your own condoms

A especial issue of Pablo Magazine containing texts by Mark Turner, Jeffrey Walkowiak and Dino Dinco will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

Food and Drinks by Bistrotheque

Glory Hole is possible thanks to the support of the Architecture Foundation, Blow de la Barra, Galerie Baumet Sultana, Elmgreen & Dragset, Herald Street,
Alison Jacques Gallery, Maureen Paley, Javier Peres / Peres Projects, and Mario Testino

Image Credit: Dean Sameshima, Untitled (Tea Room Drawing) from the Wonderland Series 1995-1997

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