Jorge Diezma at Passage Souterrain

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewer,

Finally painter Jorge Diezma managed to come to Paris to show one of his latest series: “Ugly Paintings”. Basically he donated them to the Passage Souterrain, as we decided to let them hang on the walls so that anyone could take them. The next morning they were already gone.


Here you see Jorge thinking about the installation. Behind him you have our friend Ana, who came from London to help -and have fun-. Then you have Borra, another good friend who came also from Madrid, unpackaging a painting.


We decided not to tell anyone about the opening to do it more intimate. Also, we didn’t know at what time we should tell people to come because we didn’t know if we were going party before or after the installation. Finally we left the Dj session at Le Tryptique for later and focused on the show.


This is Ana -aka Pastora- sticking a painting on the wall.


This is me doing the same. The glue was very strong but we had to push a long time.


We even had to repack the pictures and stick to the wall. But finally we managed to put them all.


This is one of the paintings. They are ugly, but we say this with lot of love. Jorge Diezma has been working on this series for more than three years. It’s a parallel serie of another one he showed in Spain –– a couple of months ago. A serie about animals, hyperrealistic animals on black backgrounds. Big size paintings. Kind conservative and also ironic and very intellectual and new style and, well, great. Master class technique in the name of freedom and limitation. Modernity. Check more at


But get back to the “Ugly Serie”. I fell in love with them when I first saw some samples at Jorge’s atellier in Madrid. We are good friends for long time and like to pass by from time to time. Everytime I saw this series growing up we had more laughs and love it more and more, and one day I proposed Jorge to show them at the Passage Souterrain, joking that they were so ugly that nobody would take them. I never wanted to do a painting exhibition at the space. But I love this serie as much as I love the Passage, and founded an emotional link betwen both ugly and very personal things, and Jorge kind of the same, so everything worked ok. And we did it.


These are some picters. As you see they don’t do the “let’s do the pretty thing”, but their beauty is hidden somewhere else, and that fact is very interesting, intriguing. Hope you think so too.
Well, I give you more information as soon as I go back to Madrid and put it in the Passage Souterrain website.

Mario Canal.


Diane Pernet

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