Hyeres 2006 by Shoji and Mei Hui’s tea party

photographs by Shoji

Top left-Ghosts by Romain Kremer, long story, rain, dance troupe left…Ghosts lived on at the villa. Thomas, team shooter…Tuomas and Anna, winners of the special mention, all hanging out on the lawn at the villa. DP last dinner in front of Ann’s exhibition. Jean Pierre Blanc and Michel Mallard at the beach. Back of John Phillips in the town where we encountered a man of great style. John Phillips with Sebastien’s chaise outside his fan’s room, DP on the beach, this is as close as I will ever get to the beach… Antoine and his camera, Maida and I at the opening. Antoine, Donald and I after the awards, Micheal and Antoine, NVU with JP on the terrace, JP and Maida at the opening. The set for the 2006 Hyeres fashion show was pretty impressive. We still don’t know why none of the designers used the blue lights. Last image the fashion jury.



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Diane Pernet

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