A few more images from Pasarela d Moda Murcia

From left – view from my window, a clip from Un Rendez Vous filmed by Claude Lelouch and screened by Fabrics Interseason before their show. The film was made by Lelouch mounting a camera on the nose of his Ferrari and  driving 100 mph through the streets of Paris the audio is the roaring V-12.WIsh you could have experienced the high, my street scene is pretty calm compared to that, a design  from Fabrics Interseason, Stefan Hotinger-Behmer and Alessandra Pellegrino,the international press, Carlos Diez, designer, under my veil, 2 of the students work, Carlos Diez, designer and Ramon Fano, the fashion editor from NEO2  looking on at the shows, finale of Ion Fiz with Romain as a model.
for more images and details on the event please visit: www.murciaregion.com

Diane Pernet

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