Linda leopold, www.Oddatlarge.Se and our gallery visits on Louise Weiss

Sat 25/02/2006 15:24 DianePERNET(1666)Loscarpinteros

Sat 25/02/2006 15:24 DianePERNET(1666)

Linda and I met for an interview for ODD Magazine and afterwards we went off to the galleries on Louise Weiss. A few highlights, above los Carpinteros inSITU fabienne leclerc .

Deimantas Narkevicius Instead of today at gb agency 20 rue Louise Weiss.

And some shadowy chairs made in 1973 by Martine Boileau at Joussse Enterprise, 24 rue Louise Weiss.


Do they remind you of anyone?  Next to them, Joseph Kosuth and his historical work entitled ‘The Solution of the Riddle (Zero & Not).

Later, Diane

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