“in almost every picture” by KesselsKramer

Dear Shaded Viewers,


"In almost every picture" a book by KesselsKramer

Imagine finding a packet of photographs of someone that you never met. You go through them and you want to know who these people were and what their lives were like.

"in almost every picture" by KesselsKramer you will find pictures of two women that appear to be  non-identical twins. The images were taken in Spain in the period between 1940 to 1949. When the pictures were discovered there was no other information with them.2kess351007b_low_res_sf

The two women  always dress the same, they appear inseparable until something dramatic must have happened between June 1944 and end June 1946.

After this period the only pictures to be found show just one of the two sisters. It’s up to the viewer to create their own reality.


I did want to post more of the images for you but the computer does not want to accept them. I suggest you buy the book.



Diane Pernet

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