So, the extraordinary and truly non-stop Sao Paolo nightlife has officially kicked my ass. I will need to cease my noctural cultural research for at least a day or two.

Too many nights out seeing this (\/) upon arrival at the hotel:

“Mommie, what’s an immune system?”

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m sitting here in my hotel room, already missing Rigo, sniffling, sneezing and gobbling the Airborne fizzy-eco-bio-homeopathic-candyisgoodforyou tablets he left for me. Maybe he felt guilty about burning my hand with his cigarette a few days ago and ruining my hand model career:


Bastard. Rigo, I will get my revenge at the next barbeque, for sure….

I missed the Bruce Weber presentation at the Iguatemi Filmefashion Festival, however was really glad I caught Penny Martin’s sparkling presentation on what goes down at SHOWstudio.com, for those who didn’t know. Without question, SHOWstudio.com is a must visit site for anyone who’s into music, art, fashion, technology and the collaborative process.

Note to myself: Wear super-sexy YSL shoes like Penny and you might become a more convincing speaker….Go shopping immediately.

I turned on my computer, cranked up iTunes and noticed that I was sharing someone’s media library by the name of “sonac1” — and as I’m a naturally curious person, I clicked on the library to see if that person had any good music. But I’m not sure that I’m familiar with songs like “My Friend’s Hot Mom” and “Embarrassed Blonde Teen Lolita.” As I’m always looking for new and surprising music when I DJ, I thought I’d give a listen.



Well, the “Embarrassed Blonde” song clocked in at over 20 minutes long…. probably too long for the dance floor. My guess is that the owner of the computer is in the room directly above me on the 14th floor, as it sounds like furniture is being re-arranged.

Speaking of Sao Paolo…

A couple of meaty shots from the incredible Mercado Municipal:


A manicurist’s dream.


(Notice how they keep the balls next to both the ears and the snouts. God, I love this city….)



Alexandre Herchcovitch and Johnny were ON FIRE, deejaying at the ALELUX party at OCEANS. Getting to hear them play for the packed-to-the-gills crowd was truly a joy. Thanks to SP boutique Melissa’s Eduardo for the invitation and for introducing Rigo and I to just about everyone in the room. (Is it a local niteclub custom that someone slips his or her tongue into your mouth just after you’ve been introduced? If it is…I like it.)



Before the camera battery died, I was lucky to capture Sao Paolo club icons Hillary…


and Allison (with the long snout).


Shit. Sun’s coming up.

Dino Dinco