DINO DINCO : Maximilian’s Schell

Greetings, Shade-heads:

I’m back in the land of palm trees and nose jobs, palm jobs and nose trees… The moment my plane landed (after 12 hours of continuous no-sleep flying), I convinced my good friend Salvador (and ride from the airport) to drive me to El Mercado La Paloma so I could stuff my face with much-needed and much-missed Mexican food. Mmm. Honestly, I had had my fill of fashion and art fair parties for the week and just needed to lay on my living room floor, hugging Joe (my big, black unfabulous, unaccessorized dog), far away from a velvet rope and the latest electro-ironic disco sampler… However, to Zeva and Teddy…it was really cool seeing you two at “Paris, Paris” the night before I left and look forward to seeing you soon.

Back in the Aaron Spelling TV pilot known as “Silver Lake”….

Check out this architectural installation entitled “Maximilian’s Schell,” designed by architects Benjamin Ball & Gaston Nogues. It is constructed out of tinted Mylar and is a representation of a “celestial black hole.” Materials & Applications, 1619 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles California. (www.emanate.org/) It’s up until November.







Keep those livers primed with champagne –

Dino Dinco
Los Angeles