A meeting with Jean Pierre Blanc, the founder of the festival d’Hyeres

Sat 01/10/2005 17:52 DianePERNET(039)
Sat 01/10/2005 17:52 DianePERNET(039)

Jean Pierre Blanc and I met to discuss the 21st edition of the festival d’Hyeres. If you are a fashion student or a recent graduate or just someone overflowing with talent and have not had a fashion show in Paris, please visit the site for more information. YOu can also click on the 2004 video of the festival on the right hand side of my site. The festival is located in the South of France.

We both had appointments and planned to meet for dinner with Maida later in the evening. My appointment was with Stacy Gregg, a New Zealand journalist. Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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