Tinko on route to brussels and a few images from the tulip master, Ronald van der Hilst

Fri 30/09/2005 09:25 DianePERNET(034)
Fri 30/09/2005 09:25 DianePERNET(034)


While I was in Antwerp I had an evening with my favorite tulip master, Ronald van der Hilst. Above are a few of his illustrations and below my favorite tulip vase.

Our last night was very strange as I left my bag containing my life, in a taxi and it took two hours and the blessing of God to recuperate it. Not to mention the great help of Ronald, Marcel and the angel couple friends of Ronald’s that nearly had to go  to battle to have the taxi company put out an audio announce to see if one of the drivers had discovered the bag in their car. Once they did that the bag was found in one minute, everything was in it. Those two hours were some of the worst I’ve lived through in years.

I did feel blessed but also shocked at the lack of concern by both the taxi company and the hotel desk clerk who seemed to think that if I did not have money in my bag it was of no real value and that it was impossible for me to have caught a taxi on the street since that is not done in Antwerp. After that near tragedy we went to a very odd night shopping event in Ghent. Jean Paul Knott was the star of the evening but the location was rather unusual. Ronald’s beautiful tulip vase was the centerpiece, I suppose that is why we were there. The shop was doing a great business, the boutique was located on a main street peppered with love hotels and car showrooms. After a brief visit we went to see the old city of Ghent. The idea was to have dinner but parking was a nightmare and I was so emotionally drained from my almost  lost bag experience that after more than 30 minutes of looking for a parking I suggested that we just forget eating and go back to Antwerp, which we did.

Later, Diane


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