Flanders Fashion Institute and Peugeot and an inside view of a few of the designs in the 1007 fashion contest

Dear Shaded Viewers,

For some reason my G5 is not friendly to the images of the cars in the 1007 fashion contest. Please visit the MODENATIE site and vote for your favorite design.Here are the few that I was able to download of the 1007 designer contest. Best bet is that you click on the link and view them all yourselves and then vote.

Christoph Broich does his signature print seats  and Christopher Devos was one of my favorites this year at the Antwerp Academy 2005 school show. Brioch is obviously into x-rays and Devos loves little people.
Xavier Delcour does Xavier Delcour, there were so many more that I really wanted to post but my G5 froze about 5 times last night and another 5 times this morning so it is up to you to enjoy a visit to the MODENATIE site and check out Bruno, Romy, Christian and the rest.


The contest is only one aspect of the VITRINE.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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