Henrik Vibskov and You Wear it Well goes to Copenhagen

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A perfect entry into Copenhagen with Henrik Vibskov and Jon at the airport to greet me. They took me to my beautiful hotel with a view of the harbor and then we went out for dinner. On the way we stopped into a gallery opening and the first person that we saw was Laird Borrelli from Style.com followed minutes later by James Goldstein. If you are a regular shaded viewer you will remember I visited his amazing house on my last day in Los Angeles. We were happy that Laird joined us for dinner. Only later did I connect Laird Borrelli with all of the wonderful illustration books that she has written. Later Shoji and Mette Julie and Anna joined us. Many parties but I opted for the hotel.

Henrik, Shoji and Anna and Mette Julie met in the lobby of my hotel and we went to Henrik’s favorite resto, Caf

Diane Pernet

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