How to knit your own wedding by Rachael-Castoff

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Usually when we think about the art of knitting we think about little old grannies on rocking chairs. Rachael of Castoff has changed all of that  by introducing knitting needles to a younger generation that consists of men as well as women. Currently she is  working on knitting a wedding and invites you all to join in. Everything will be knitted from the cameras, to the dress, the food, the decorations, something old, something new, … The bride is curator of the exhibition ‘Ceremony’, and Knitting Doctor, Freddie Robins. All knitters and their friends are invited to the wedding.DJ Nervous Stephen will start at 4 pm and continue unti 6h30 when the Bride and groom leave.

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The wedding is scheduled for Sunday October 9th between 2pm-7 pm.

A book will follow called "how to knit your own wedding", hello
magazine style.


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Diane Pernet

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