Gordie Hull and S2A in Torino and Dubai

Dear Shaded Viewers,
An explanation of what follows as expressed by Gordie himself. "In torino we made a lambroghini out of cardboard. Exactly to scale the same lambroghini the police now use there. Cardboardcar
in dubai we made a series of giant car jacks, also out of cardboard.
these are 12 feet in length and about 10 feet high.
there are two of them, tho in the pictures you only see one- the other is behind…
did i ever send you images from the exhibition in vancouver where we made a giant battleship out of cardboard? 14 feet long and 8 feet high.
i will enclose images of all.
in addition to these large sculptural works, we also show new drawings and prints (in addition to the prep drawings and sketches we make for the sculptures.
i think the general nature of the sculptures is the collaboration of a few of us at surface to air ny, something we conceptualize together, bringing in elements of the abstract and dada. using cardboard provides us with easy access to a natural everyday material that has a nice organic color to it. the choice of doing industrial works comes from our interest in technology and a desire to show life ‘in and out of scale’- with a touch of the fantastic and a nod to the visions of a child…"

Diane Pernet

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