“Helen Keller” Gordie Hull’s short film

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is Gordie Hull day. Earlier in the day I asked Gordie if he could send me a few images from his short film so that I could post them for you.


Gordie’s  film is about the abstract concept of helen kelle’s inner monologue and portrays her as a naked and blindfolded individual wandering through a darkness where only she is visible.


It is a 10 minute silent piece which Gordie shot with a hand held digicam on his family’s apple orchard in upstate NY. I always love the fact that Gordie grew up on an apple orchard, you could not find a more urban person than Gordie but he loves his nature.

Helen Keller was shown at dactyl gallery in nyc this past February.


Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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