House of Waris at Colette

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had a great shot of Waris exiting a black taxi but for some reason lifeblogging was not working yesterday and I accidentally erased the image.  I interviewed Waris in the courtyard outside of Colette’s office yesterday.  If only I had 6,000 euros to buy that beautiful skull ring… It all started for Waris when he was shopping at Maxfield wearing two of his intensely beautiful diamond rings and buyer took out his order pad thus launching his House of Waris.



skull ring in white gold and diamonds by House of Waris and Waris himself.

Or, maybe 11,000 euros for the elongated infinity ring. My birthday is on the 8th October and it feels like it should have my name on it. Unfortunately it is not in my budget but there is something extremely powerful about the energy that this ring exudes. Colette ordered 6 of them.


House of Waris white gold and diamonds infinity ring modeled by Linlee from Colette and a gold chain.

I am mad about the jewelry but especially attracted to the rings.


Waris with his see through gold coin and another amazing white gold and diamond encrusted ring.I can not help but feel that there is a spiritual message hidden in each piece but Waris said that is up to the wearer to discover.The House of Waris W in gold and black.


There are also some enameled pieces for around 300 euros.  It was funny, or maybe not funny, but at the end of the interview when Waris was packing up, the concierge thought that he was a robber. At first she did not see me with the camera or Linlee at the window. In fact Waris is off to Hollywood to act in the new Spike Lee film Inside Man not as a robber but as a bank clerk who is held hostage. William Defoe , who worked with him on The Life Aquatic directed by his friend Wes Anderson as well as Inside Man alongside Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster , put him in contact with Spike Lee. Waris jokingly calls Defoe his official spokesperson. Not a bad one to have.

I totally enjoyed my visit with Waris and if only I had a spare 11,000 or even 6,000 euros I would definitely become a client.



Diane Pernet

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