Yesterday at Headquarters



Purple orchids
Dear Shaded Viewers,

We had a little fashion show yesterday at Headquarters, Aisling Connell was wearing Boudicca and Valentin Jardinier Almodovar, Rad Hourani.

Aisling and valentin
Aisling in Boudicca and Valentin in Rad Hourani.

Valentin in Rad
Valentin Jardinier Almodovar in Rad Hourani.

Every Thursday and Friday Aisling and I have the pleasure of Valentin's color coded lunches, we love them.

I'm really getting in to the blue potatoes and of course the vegtables.

A special visit with Luisa Saenz, she is ASVOFF Mexico and we have big plans for next year.

I forgot to take a photo of Amira Fritz who also passed by Headquarters yesterday to bring me a print of the photo she took of me a few months ago. She is in a group show on the 20th in Plein St. Denis,will post it later oncethey have a ..poster.





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