News for Shaded Viewers in London

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just got in from Iceland will give you more details on that later in the day or tomorrow. In the meantime if you are in London you might want to check this out.



Film, performance and disco dancing live in the fudge packing district

July Programme

Sunday 17 July 2005
Film: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Performer: Xavior & Petter
DJ: The Lovely Jonjo & Nathan Gregory Wilkins
Cocktail: Sasparilla Dynamite

Sunday 24 July 2005
Film: Paris is Burning
Performer: Jonny Woo
DJ: The Lovely Jonjo
Cocktail: French 75

Sunday 31 July 2005
Film: Valley of the Dolls
Performer: Frances (a transsexual Rock `n

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