A link for La Cambre fashion show and information on how to enter the competion for the 2006 Festival d’Hyeres

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The director of the festival d’Hyeres, Jean-Pierre Blanc, or Mr. White to some of his friends,  sent me the following link for a short slide show on the La Cambre fashion show.
On the same link you will  find an article on Jean Pierre and his festival d’Hyeres. People keep asking me how they can enter the competition. It is open to everyone. Please visit the festival site and look at this year’s presentation of the photographers and the fashion designers in the 2005 competition. You can watch  the film of the 2004 festival d’Hyeres on my site under films or the 2003 festival film on the official site.


DP deep in conversation with Francois Lavaux, one of the designers in the competition at Hyeres
photo by Take Hirakawa

If you think that you are up to the standards of the festival the next thing to do is to read the requirements   and then  submit your work to festival d’Hyeres. The work will be judged by a panel of experts who will then reduce the hundreds of applications to a ratified selection of ten. The ten will compete next year at the end of April. The cut off date for applications is beginning of December. For more information go directly to the site. http://www.villanoailles-hyeres.com/


Joan White, director of the Paris Fashion Institute with today’s critics for the final class. Next to her is Kostas Georgiadis, of Yvonne Mispelaere and Aaron Sharif, one of the designers behind the label Blaak. Behind them the students watch the presentation. Joan White with Aaron from Blaak.

Diane Pernet

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