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Dear Shade-Throwers,

I’m waaaay hungover and delirious from the heat and have just finished my Walk of Shame (no, not the Gay Pride march) after a sexy NY night but I have crawled to the nearest wifi cafe so I can report to you, gentle readers, on the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island (and part 2 of this weekend’s NY Diary will cover my hedonistic night at MisShapes). Here are a bunch of photos…if you don’t notice as much text this time around, it’s probably because I’ve gone into a blackout while posting this.

Photos by Dennis Stansbury

Mermaid_banner Mermaid Mermaid_2 Crowd Marmaid_3

J’Adore the Mermaid Parade! It was super-super crowded and while it was sweltering in Manhattan it was beautiful and breezy in Coney. In fact, it got so chilly I had to throw on my knock-off Martha Stewart prison poncho. (The original garment is now on display at the Vatican, in the vitrine formerly occupied by The Pieta.)


That’s my friend Corey on the left and me on the right. Fortunately, the hems of my Jean Seberg-esque capri pants have been cropped out.


Ruby’s!!! In true barfly form, Corey and I hung out here and drank beer with the salty regulars instead of watching the parade.


Me doing runway at Ruby’s with my Irish beer, crinkle fries and hot dogs. Anna Nicole Smith, eat your heart out!


That’s me deep-throating a hot dog at Ruby’s. Wheeeeee!


I have no idea what the hell is going on in this photo. I was still in Ruby’s getting shit-faced.


Ok, this is the very famous Shore Hotel that was built in the 1910s I believe. It’s now a flop house – I mentioned in my last entry that Ronnie Cutrone’s "Plan B" would be to move in here. Here’s an intriguing factoid: In 1929, the Shore was a theater and the premiere of the film Freaks was held here. The real freak cast was on hand including Siamiase twins named the Hilton Sisters!


A lovely Coney Island garden.

Cartoon High_view

I got a lot of complaints about my last entry in which I spoke of the end of Coney Island…so I’ll shut up about it now. Just get your asses down to Coney Island before it’s gone. You snooze, you lose.



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