Pleasure Principle and C.R.E.E., P & Wall Ride Controll

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lovers of Pleasure Principle

around the world might enjoy a little news on their recent collaboration with artist friends that are out of the box of strict fashion.


"So… C.R.E.E.,P is a new Art/Fashion guise for us – also a vehicle to collaborate with artist friends and to create work that may
not fall easily into the fashion category…


The show was a one day installation by Adrian Cowen, Diva Pittala (Pleasure Principle) and Bozidar Brazda (Alias for the day- Wall Ride Controll) at the new Haswel
The C.R.E.E.,P logo, was rendered in 3D a plaster hand of God with running water!

Also there was a sculpture of the Cult leader – represented by a kind of
hooded garment with a mohawk attached, shown tied to a working garment steamer. 
The artists were present to cook / dye a special scarf/broach accessory that were given away free of charge for the day.

C.R.E.E.,P. & Wall Ride Controll 

A one day performative installation 

June 4th, 4:00pm-8:00pm at Haswellediger & Co. Gallery 465 West 23rd Street 

A wall went up. And while we sat around arguing what to do about it, it came down again, and two factions emerged. One is as if asleep. Droning  forward with arms outstretched, eyes glazed over, mouth agape and drooling. Their clothes are worn (but well mended) and restricted to shades of teal. The other, its sister-society, moves slower still (is this some video effect?). On legs made wobbly by the high of an un-named drug that works only to turn its user (ironically) into the perfect social minion, they walk on! EASTWARDS UNTIL WEST! A commotion  is seen and then seconds later heard as they merge at long last (could it really be 50,000 years? It seems longer). And now they are one bright rose colored stain.


Join C.R.E.E.,P. and Wall Ride Controll as they prepare to reunite the estranged members of an LA synth-punk band.

Later, Diane

A few shots of my friends in London


Breakfast with Mei Hui, designer behind the label Victim, Elaine the designer behind Caliope, she moved out of her flat this weekend to let me stay there, now that is a friend and Robb in his metallic Boudicca coat at Boudicca’s atelier before we left for Epping Forrest.

Diane Pernet

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