As if writing for a living and spending 2/3’s of my waking hours at my computer isn’t enough, I decided last week to share my simple adventures with you, by posting on Diane’s A Shaded View on Fashion. Not that we need much shade yet, as it’s been unreasonable chilly here in Antwerp. But what with the first Fashion Biennal in Arnhem starting last weekend- we were there- and the fashion shows of the Antwerp Academy taking place next week, plus loads of other festivities to attend/avoid, not to mention the fast development of my Designers against Aids project ( and yes, I mention it a lot and no, I won’t stop that any day soon- not if aids doesn’t stop first), you might find a tasty tidbit here & there. Enjoy and spread a little sunshine and love while you’re at it!
Love & life, Ninette