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Dear Shaded Viewers,

I don’t have a whole lot to tell you today. Last night I had dinner with my friend the photographer that loves the night, Clayton Burkhart. He’s preparing for a big show in June of his work in the Passage de Desir, where McQueen did one of his shows. I had met one of his friends, the writer, David W. Francis, before I went to Athens and it was nice to see him again before he goes back to L.A.  I was trying to find his novel, Agapanthus Tango, today but it seems to be out of print. Used copies are available on amazon.com.uk.

In the meantime I bought Haruki Murakami’s newest book Kafka on the Shore. If you are not familiar with Murakami then you are really missing someone great. Murakami wrote one of my all time favorite books ‘The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.’

I had lunch today with my dear friend George Torres Walker, who I rarely see. He knows David W. Francis from L.A and that is how he met my friend Clayton, small world.  George is a filmmaker and a great screen writer himself. I took a few pictures of him which he hates. He has a beautiful smile, don’t you think?

George Torres Walker with the beautiful smile

George, minus the smile

I was supposed to meet my cyber patron saint, Anina to see her t-shirt at the Galeries Lafayette but we did not manage to get that together. She sent me a link to an interview that appeared today on culture-buzz that you might enjoy. Anina is the one that got me into life blogging.

I was also trying to find the documentary called Spellbound made in 1999 but to no avail. If anyone is on their way to Paris in the near future let me know and I will ask you a great favor.

Take care, Diane

Diane Pernet

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