Marjan Pejoski, Callioppe and Fragma showroom visits

Dear Shaded Viewers,

There is going to be a total transit strike in Paris tomorrow, actually starting 20h tonight, so I thought today was the day to catch up on a few of the collections that I had missed during the week. First stop was Showroom Groupe 22V . I met the PR for the collection Fragma by Peter Ceursters, Maarten Statius Muller last week when I was leaving the Ann Demeulmeester show and had promised to stop by and have a look. On route I ran into the illustrator, Cedric Rivrain. He’s like a Voguer, always fun to shoot.


Cedric Rivrain illustrator for Christian Dior, etc. etc.


Fragma by Peter Ceursters at Showroom Groupe 22V


Fragma by Peter Ceursters-quite a sexy pair of trousers.


Philippe Ben of Showroom Groupe 22V, We know each other from NYC in the 80’s, in fact he was a dancer in one of my first fashion shows.

Then I was off to see Romeo’s showroom and have a look at a new knitwear collection, Callioppe by Elaine Neocleous.


I forced Elaine to model her own  collection – Callioppe


Callioppe by Elaine Neocleous

Now that I had Elaine in a modeling frame of mind I asked her to try on some of the Marjan Pejoski looks in the Romeo showroom. 


This was her favorite Marjan Pejoski dress granted the shoes are not exaclty  working with it but…


Marjan Pejoski’s spider dress


Marjan Pejoski’s accessories.

You might enjoy a visit to this link to see a Chapels film on Marjan, it is under Diane sees.

My friend  the photographer Wiglius de Bie is moving back to Amsterdam so we decided to meet for a drink at Le Bucheron. This place has a door on either side of the street so if by chance you see someone coming in one door that you would rather avoid you can just slip out the other side. Somehow that feels very French to me. I’ll miss having Wiglius in Paris. We worked together on the H & M story in the 2nd issue of their in house magazine. Donald Schneider is the Creative Director on the magazine. In fact he was the one that put the Karl Lagerfeld/H & M deal together. That is to say he spoke to Karl and made the introduction.


Photographer Wiglius de Bie on rue du Rivoli

I made it home on the last metro, just as the Eiffel Tower was twinkling. My intention was to go to the screening of the documentary A Teheran, a la veille de la re-election du president reformateur. I did want to see the film but I did not want to walk home from the 5eme. 

Later, Diane


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