Sun 06/03/2005 14:22 Image(332)
Sun 06/03/2005 14:22 Image(332)

I had many plans today but in the end I spent the better part of the afternoon visiting two of my favorite designers, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirby. Their brand is called Boudicca for the uninitiated. They are the second designers to receive financial backing from American Express. The only other designer ever backed by AMEX is Alexandre MrQueen. I’m working on an article and a project involving them and so today was my chance to visit . For the first time this season they showed outside of London. A huge loss for London, I might add. I was curious to know how things went. They did their show and party and stayed at the Soho Grand. Last night I showed you a photo of the creative director of the hotel, Tommy.

I noticed in their press book that Cindy Sherman had been at the show and  now is a big fan of their clothes. We got to talking and the hours passed and I missed my next scheduled shows and found myself relaxing and having lunch with them until finally leaving  5 hours later.

Diane Pernet

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