Paris Fashion Week day 5

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The day started and ended with Chanel. I forgot to blog you that when Anna Wintour arrived in her fur coat to the Chanel show she received a pie in her face.  Anina asked me why? Anti-fur group, Anina. Chanel was very Chanel and as my friend Gary Robinson said, lots to sell. The look was a bit Penelope Tree, the icon model from the 60’s with ironed hair and school girl looks and of course the signature camellias and black satin bows.




I had not seen my old friend Gary Robinson in about 2 or 3 years. I remember one time he was working for Interview magazine and borrowed my clothes and put them on Benjamin Liu. At that time Benjamin Liu was still Ming Vase and working as the right arm of Andy Warhol.


The meeting of old NYC friends Gary Robinson

Then Roxanne Lowitt wanted to have lunch but first she wanted to stop by the presentatio of Giambattista Valli. Thing was it was a show and I had to meet with Sebastien and Chrystl before they went back to Brussels. I left her there and went back to the Louvre for the meeting. Ran into James Goldstein there and I told him he should have a look at Haider’s collection in a half an hour.


Haider Ackermann and one of his signature jackets


Haider Ackermann

Haider was the winner of the 2004 Swiss Textiles prize at the Gwand fashion event in Lucerne, Switzerland. I was the president of the jury.


I really liked the pleated pieces but my angle was not very good and this show was for the most part poorly documented. I don’t know why Michele forgot to extend an invite to my camera man in the pit.

It was a day of visiting ghosts. First I went to James Goldstein’s hotel after Haider’s show to see where Oscar Wilde used to live. I had fun interviewing James on fashion. I asked him if Dior Homme was too austere for his tastes. In fact he bought a Dior Homme smoking which he is happy with but black is not his favorite color. Much later that evening the other ghost was Chanel.


James Goldstein in L’Hotel. He will never see any of the images of himself because he is not at all cyber. I don’t understand how people can live without the internet but…they do.


I would like to take you on a tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment at the Ritz.I passed by my friend Roxanne’s hotel in St. Germain and we ran into Kelly Cutrone in the lobby we were having a few laughs and so decided to prolong the moment with a tea. After that Roxanne and I ventured over to the Ritz. Kelly, by the way is the founder of the People’s Revolution who among other things is the PR for Jeremy Scott.

This season Eva Herzigova made a film to show the collection.

The Ritz

I’d always heard about Coco Chanel’s apartment and how she used to walk through a private tunnel or some such thing to get to her atelier on rue Cambon. The street actually is at the back of the Ritz.



Coco’s room is a bit messy here but it is so beautiful I thought that you would overlook a few things.


Roxanne was in the bedroom shooting Eva Herzigova so I thought that you all might want to see her too. Eva was super sweet, not only did she make an excellent collection that has expanded a lot since the bathing suit line of the other season but she also put together a really decent film. I’ll show you one shot from the film and one piece of the collection. I asked Guillaume Chaillet if he could hold up one of the dresses for me to shoot, he did.


The fabrics are so light that it is like wearing nothing which I guess was the idea.


Multi-disciplinary Eva acted in it and directed it.


I was quite impressed by the volume of this door.


This is my Alfred Hitchcock shot with Roxanne

So much time in Coco’s bedroom leaves me dreaming of my own.

Later, Diane


Place Vendome

Diane Pernet

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