Carla Sozzani’s Fondazione Sozzani puts some of her best pieces from her private archive on sale on Byronesque interview on SHOWstudio

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In order to protect high art and fashion Carla Sozzani’s Fondazione Sozzani  has put some of her best pieces from her private archive on sale at Byronesque.

“I made an effort to myself to say if I want to give a message, I have to give the pieces that, for me, are important. Otherwise, there is no message and there is no meaning” – Carla Sozzani

In recognition of the thirty-three years that Fondazione Sozzani has been unwavering in its commitment to the arts and circular fashion, Byronesque selected a collection of Carla Sozzani’s private archive for sale, including Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanable, Balenciaga and Alaïa, dating from 1985-2016.

Fondazione Sozzani has collaborated with and exhibited the most recognizable images in the world, from Annie Leibovitz and Sarah Moon to Nick Waplington, Irving Penn and Paolo Roversi.

Imagining a world without the photography, art, and fashion that the Fondazione promotes, Byronesque created a campaign using only text to describe examples of these great works, forcing the reader to imagine it for themselves. Like a high art/fashion guessing game.

The campaign and collection, installed at the Fondazione Sozzani’s epic gallery space in Paris, has been captured exclusively for a film by SHOWstudio, featuring an intimate conversation between Carla and SHOWstudio’s fashion critic M-C Hill, available to watch online at from July 8th, 2024.



Diane Pernet

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