The Intricate Beauty of Ziggy Chen’s SS25 Collection: GNARTRICATE by Xing Hoo

Dear Diane and Shaded viewers,

In the bustling milieu of Paris Fashion Week, Ziggy Chen’s SS25 collection, GNARTRICATE “盘枝错节”, stands as yet another triumphant show, showcasing the designer’s profound understanding of tradition and his unparalleled ability to translate it into contemporary fashion. Inspired by a Chinese idiom that describes intertwining roots, this collection delves into the unseen, foundational elements of nature, bringing them to the surface in a spectacle of visible, disruptive beauty.

The term GNARTRICATE, a fusion of “gnarled branches” and “intricate,” perfectly encapsulates Ziggy’s vision. The collection reveals an exploration of the tension between beauty and decay, chaos and order, elegance and comfort. The colors—purples, greens, and greys—evoke aged architecture and the natural world, reminiscent of weathered garden walls and the interplay of light and shadow.

Ziggy aims to create garments that not only look natural but also feel natural, with textures and patterns that offer a constructed appearance yet feel soft and welcoming. Each garment seems to embody a gentle caress, moving fluidly with the body and creating a sinuous.

A harmonious aesthetic, intricately woven between East and West, past and present, defines this collection. The ability to balance opposing elements—chaos and rigour, beauty and decadence—is its most striking feature. This duality is present in every garment, from the structured yet fluid silhouettes to the intricate patterns that adorn them.

I am overjoyed and proud to witness the spirit of Chinese artisans gracing the stage of Paris Fashion Week. It is both rare and precious to preserve the purity and originality of fashion, embracing the “slow” in a world that rushes ever “fast” today. Ziggy Chen’s GNARTRICATE is a triumph of design and a testament to the interconnectedness of all things, reminding us that true elegance lies in the balance of contrasting elements.

Have a lovely day,