Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO’s SS25 Collection Celebrates Identity and Self Expression by Bethany Berkeley


Dear Shaded Viewers,


The Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO SS25 collection was a playful exploration of identity and self-expression. Mihara, known for his avant-garde approach, deconstructed traditional garments, creating a runway filled with unexpected proportions and a touch of joyful chaos. Oversized shirts hung loosely over deconstructed jeans, some featuring multiple legs for a whimsical touch. Jackets were worn asymmetrically, defying traditional tailoring.

As the show opened the energy of a ‘90s karaoke night filled the room, perfectly complementing the playful spirit of the collection. Gilded chandeliers cast a playful glow on the runway, their elegance juxtaposed by the fringed metallic backdrops that screamed childhood birthday parties. A blast from the past, old-school beats pumped through the room, synchronized with a giant screen erupting in karaoke-style lyrics. It was a scene primed for unexpected performances.

The first look – a pinstriped blazer paired with a nonchalantly untied necktie, and surprisingly chic sticker-stamped sweatpants set the stage for what was to come. Classic button-downs got a whimsical twist with multiplied dramatic collars, while bleached bomber jackets swaggered down the runway alongside layered flannels cinched at the waist. As the show progressed, a wave of nautical prints took centre stage, adorning flowing shirt dresses and denim uniforms splashed with paint. Yasuhiro’s collection explored the dissolving boundaries between work and leisure, with MA-1 and denim jackets featuring multiplied fronts that defied conventional design. Faded jeans, seemingly well-worn, skimmed the models’ legs. Oversized shirts, impossibly long, grazed the floor. Accessories emerged in the form of plush animal bags shaped like bears, pigs, and dinosaurs.

The collection revolved around the theme of childhood innocence and the freedom of dressing without societal expectations. Each look serving as a metaphor for breaking free from the constraints of conventional dressing.




Bethany Berkeley

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