Jeanne Friot Brings the Love to Paris Fashion Week

I have said it once and I will say it again- Jeanne friot is the epitome of boot-stomping cutesy. This season a sleek and sexy, chrome thread ties her inclusively conscious, gen-x-coded looks together. Sponsored by Tinder, this collection is all about love, love, love, baby. 

Friot’s motifs and signatures are kicked up a notch in both  concept and marketability with painted denim, printed mesh, and belts just about anywhere you can stick them. Trompé l’œil glam bdsm party! Or something like that! 

In collaboration with the brand BOTH, Friot has punctuated her looks with sleek boots which seamlessly transition from runway to city streets. Most striking are a thigh-high white pair with cascading leather belts giving Girl, Interrupted-chic. And haven’t we all been on an unassuming tinder date or two that almost sent us to the psych ward? 

Let us all bask in her message this season- “Oui, l’amour est plus fort que tout. ”


Peace & Love & happy swiping ,

Rianna Murray 


Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.