Gender/Genre Bending at Undercover

Squished up against the wall behind five rows of people, I can barely see a thing. And with lace eye masks, mesh veils, turbans, crowns, bedazzled face jewelry, billowing hoods, stiff brimmed hats, and brocade ribbons tied around their heads all at once- I’m not sure the models can either. I am getting the full experience, it seems. My glass is half full. As it happens, this collection is in fact much about atmosphere. Gorp-core meets middle eastern opulence and Japanese elegance- coming together in a hybrid fashion that is so singularly Undercover. 

The Takanashi man is eccentric and evolved, bold yet grounded. As last season saw the exploration of the modern woman, this season he plays with contemporary masculinity in a light that favors dark, ornate maximalism and fluid sensuality. He brings femininity to the sophisticated male palette with long flowing skirts, lace, satin, and deep earth tones that maintain a theatrical quality which reinforces the surrealism of different aesthetic universes coming together and the ways in which gender codes manifest within. Takanashi invites us to explore his creative dreamscape with signature artistry that resonates consistently and deeply. 


À toute, 

Rianna Murray 

Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.