Calvin Klein’s First International Flagship Opens in Paris. Words by Eliya Weinstein

Dear Shaded viewers,

Calvin Klein has opened the doors to its first international flagship, at 44 Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The 3 story, 600 square meter space has undergone a makeover based on the brand’s new design concept, Chalk.

Chalk is built on Calvin Klein’s sensual approach to modern minimalism. Natural light from the open façade and soft lighting on the inside elevate the consumer experience. Integrating stone textures original to the building, the calming whiteness of the space becomes the backdrop for the latest collections. Offerings for women are discoverable on the ground floor, men on the first, and the largest in-store underwear selection on the lower level. Minimalist furniture with stainless steel and wood accents communicates a fresh and elegant, distinct vision of Calvin Klein. Eva Serrano, Calvin Klein Global Brand President has described her goal for the store to represent the Calvin Klein lifestyle, “not just through products, but also aesthetics”.

The opening of the store unveiled a collection exclusive to Paris, featuring a unique color scheme and custom branding. Invitees to the celebration included Greta Lee, Mingyu, and Maluma, dressed to represent Calvin Klein’s distinct yet timeless sophistication.

The store opening comes amidst news that Calvin Klein is returning to the runway after a 5-year hiatus. Not long after the appointment of its latest Creative Director Veronica Leoni, the 2023 LVMH Prize Finalist, the brand has announced the revival of its Collection business. As the first woman at the head of the brand, there are hopes for a new era and a full expression of the brand that pushes further than jeans and half-naked advertisements.

While we wait to see what’s to come from Calvin Klein at New York Fashion Week for FW25, the flagship seamlessly builds anticipation.